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Utility Submetering

Water conservation efforts are the first step in controlling increasing water costs, however, the ultimate solution is water submetering. AW Services Group can assist you in submetering your multi-family property. We can also submeter for electric and gas.

Individual meters are installed in each apartment and linked through a wireless RF (radio frequency) system allowing for daily meter reading from anywhere in the country. AW Services Group generates and submits bills to the residents for their utility bill each month and then “sweeps” the lock-box account and reimburses you from funds collected. Owner continues to pay the master meter bill from the local utility provider. AW Services Group provides monthly reports to the owner that covers billed and paid accounts, adjustments, monthly summaries, arrears and move-outs. All information is available to ownership via the web.

Residents pay a modest billing/monitoring fee each month as a part of their utility bill. Payments can be accepted from residents directly at the property and entered onsite via the web site or paid directly to AW Services Group via the following:

  • Check by Phone
  • Check by Internet
  • Check by U.S. Mail
  • Credit Card by Phone
  • Credit Card by Internet

AW Services Group recommends that water submetering be activated after a water conservation program is instituted.


1. Submetering eliminates utility costs from the rent equation so your property stays more competitive.
2. Owner can recover all if not most of the entire monthly utility bill thus increasing cash flow.
3. Water submetering encourages residents to report leaks so you can take care of small problems before they become major repairs.
4. Submetering enables residents to be directly responsible for their own energy and water consumption leading to a “greener” property.


Large Commercial / High Volume Meters

Sensus Fire Line Water Meter
Sensus Omni Turbine Water Meter
Sensus Turbine Water Meter
Neptune Commercial Meter


Master Meter Multi-Jets (5/8", 3/4" and 1")
Master Meter Multi-Jets (1 1/2" and 2")
Master Meter Flexibel Axis Meters

A.W.W.A. STANDARDS - The American Water Works Association has set standards that the industry believes all meters should meet. Some meters being sold on the marketplace today do not meet these standards and are, therefore, more prone to problems and a shorter life expectancy. American Water chooses its meters accordingly.




Actaris METRIS Gas meter

Wireless RF AMR (automatic meter reading) Systems

INOVONICS Wireless AMR Systems
Hexagram Fixed Network Wireless AMR Systems
Hexagram Submetering Modules
Hexagram Submetering Data Collection Units



Looking for a cost effective alternative to submetering

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Batson-Cook Development Company

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Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust, Inc

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Regency Centers Raleigh, NC

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Westdale Success Story

"In 2008, we purchased a property that was a water hog using over 2 million gallons a month. With the city of Atlanta having one of the most expensive water rates in the country and with more increases to come, we had to do something. AW Services Group came in, identified the problem, and offered a cost effective solution to reduce our monthly water bill. Since the installation, we have saved over 4.3 million gallons of water and approximately $72k in the first three months. At this rate, our payback will be less than 12 months! Because of the success of this one property, AW Services Group in now looking at all of our properties in Atlanta."

Josh Tucker
Financial Analyst
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Geller Associates Property Retrofits

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