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Looking for a cost effective alternative to submetering

Looking for a cost effective alternative to submetering that equitably bills tenants based on consumption vs. square footage? AWES’ estimated billing service TABS is used by various owners including RPAI, Equity One, DLC Management, RED Development, The Shopping Center Group and others. Via TABS (Trend Analysis Billing System), AW Services Group creates consumption profiles for each tenant based on our extensive database of daily consumption activity accumulated for over 15 years through our wireless submetering system installed in centers across the country. We bill through 100% of the water bill each month based on consumption related tenant allocations. For more information, please see Retail – TABS.

Batson-Cook Development Company

We have been very pleased with both the savings realized by the use of AW Services Group sub-metering systems and with the lightened workload on our property managers not having to read meters and reconcile against utility bills on a monthly basis. The AW Services Group system allows us to reduce the tap and meter fees we pay to municipalities, while also providing us with reliable equipment and accurate twice daily monitoring that we rely on. We highly recommend AW Services Group to any commercial property owner with multiple units and will continue to include them as a member of our development team.

Jeremy Hammerton
Vice-President of Development
Batson-Cook Development Company
Atlanta, Georgia

TABS Helps Shopping Center With Direct Billing

We have been utilizing AW Services Group’ TABS system for over a year. This system helps us direct-bill shopping center tenants where there are no separate water sub meters to calculate the exact usage of each occupant.

Instead of each tenant incurring the costly expense to have an individual sub meter installed, this system allows us (the Landlord) to bill the tenants in the most equitable way possible. Without the TABS usage calculation based on the tenant’s profile, we would have to base each tenant’s usage on their per square foot prorata share (or percent contribution to the total bill). This causes frustration to those low water users when the usage includes the consumption of those who use thousands of gallons per month. The TABS allocation and billing system is a huge improvement and a great alternative if you currently cannot afford to submeter.

AW Services Group has been responsive, courteous and professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Lauren Rubino
Property Manager
Inland US Management LLC

Regency Centers Dallas Fort Worth

We have used AW Services Group at several of our Dallas/Forth Worth properties for a number of years and not only have we never looked back, but also saved a lot of time and money switching to their system.

Liesl Elliott
Property Manager
Regency Centers

Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust, Inc

If you are currently not recovering utility charges from tenants due to inoperative meters or proper recording of readings, Michael’s team has done a great job for me. I would highly recommend them, as my recovery for water alone at one center has gone from 10% to 80%.

Bill Parks FMA, RPA
Vice President
Property Management
Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust, Inc.

Regency Centers Raleigh, NC

I have been extremely happy with AW Services Group since I first started working with Michael in early 2007. American Water is being utilized to install and monitor water meters on all our new developments in the southeast that are not individually metered by municipalities. I personally worked with Michael on a shopping center development in the Raleigh area and the installation went very smoothly.

Asa Harris
Project Manager
Regency Centers

Westdale Success Story

AW Services Group completed a water conservation retrofit for Westdale Asset Management on a 300 unit complex in Atlanta, GA. Monthly savings to date have averaged 49%. The actual monthly average savings is coming in at just over $20,000. At this rate of savings, the retrofit is scheduled to pay for itself in just under seven months and an average annual savings of $240 K translates into $2.4 MM of increased value at a 10% cap rate.

"In 2008, we purchased a property that was a water hog using over 2 million gallons a month. With the city of Atlanta having one of the most expensive water rates in the country and with more increases to come, we had to do something. AW Services Group came in, identified the problem, and offered a cost effective solution to reduce our monthly water bill. Since the installation, we have saved over 4.3 million gallons of water and approximately $72k in the first three months. At this rate, our payback will be less than 12 months! Because of the success of this one property, AW Services Group in now looking at all of our properties in Atlanta."

Josh Tucker
Financial Analyst
Westdale Asset Management

Geller Associates Property Retrofits

Geller Associates has had a number of multi-family properties retrofitted for water conservation by AW Services Group including a 161 unit complex in Charlotte, NC. The actual monthly average savings is coming in at just over $4,500 resulting in an average monthly savings on water of 36%. The payback period for this project was 13 months and the average annual savings translates into $540K of increased value at a 10% cap rate.

"Working with AW Services Group has been an extreme pleasure. From start to finish of the project, it was seamless and smooth. I would recommend anyone to use AW Services Group to improve their property and reduce their utility costs."

Adam Geller
Geller Associates


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