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AW Services Group provides water management and utility billing solutions to multi-family and retail owners on a nationwide basis. Distinguished by its responsiveness, superior service and results, AW Services Group has generated millions of dollars in savings by reducing water consumption for hundreds of multi-family communities. Services range from water conservation installations including toilet retrofits to utility submetering to meter installations on new construction. Savings from the water conservation retrofits range from 30-50% and have pay back periods ranging from 6 to 24 months. If a property is submetered, AW Services Group will also provide its extensive billing and reporting services. (See Multi-Family.)

Retail owners with master-metered centers have realized that the traditional model of passing these costs through to the tenants via CAM on a square footage pro-rata basis no longer works. They also know that manually-read submetering systems do come with some short comings. AW Services Group has solutions including submetering existing centers (or upgrading manually read systems) using an AMR (automatic meter reading) system that reads meters daily, TABS (Trend Analysis Billing System) which is an estimated billing service using our extensive consumption database and submetering on new construction. Benefits include reduced CAM and administrative costs, improved cash flow and tenant relations, discovery of underground leaks and other issues and, with regard to new construction, significantly reduced impact and/or master meter fees.

AW Services Group’ superior service for retail owners, in addition to the daily meter readings, includes a spot check on all meters on the 10th and 20th of the month providing high usage alerts that are conveyed to management so the tenants address the problem in a timely fashion or management knows there is vacant usage AND the ability to conduct same day billing cycle comparisons of the submeter readings with the consumption reported on the master meter bills potentially identifying problems such as underground leaks, theft or tenants' malfunctioning equipment or incorrect municipal estimating. Also included are billing, collections, management reports, customer service support for tenants and troubleshooting any problems. (See Retail.)

AW Services Group is a distributor for various meter manufacturers including commercial meters such as compound meters, turbine meters, fireline meters, multi-jet meters and single jet meters.

Effectively managing commercial real estate is always a challenge especially with resources continuing to be spread thin. The water management services AW Services Group provides allows you to keep your property competitive in the marketplace, retain tenants, reduce costs, apply limited resources in the most effective means possible and increase a property’s value.


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